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We invite only the best and brightest in the world to Leangap. Over 6 weeks, meet some of the world's most respected Harvard and MIT faculty, TED speakers, YC startup founders, and more. 4:1 student to staff ratio.

current & past mentors
eddy zhong
Business Development &
Hardware Mentor
Eddy sold first wearable tech company at age 17. He also delivered one of the world's most popular TEDxYouth talks. He has been featured on WIRED, Business Insider, and hundreds of publications.
Shannon Lu
Head of Staff
Shannon is a software engineer with an interest in development economics and social entrepreneurship. At the age of 19, she founded a 'critical languages' learning program with a grant from the U.S. Department of State.
Sadok Cervantes
Design Mentor
Sadok is considered one of the best designers of 2017 by the magazine FastCompany. He has worked for brands like Lufthansa and the MIT Media Lab. He's also a UX Mentor at some of the most renowned online design schools.
Danny Friday
iOS/Android Development Mentor
Founder of Raptest. Has worked with music legends like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Jay-Z, and even 2Chainz. Featured in Business Insider and dozens of tech magazines.
Nick Kao
Staff & Admissions
Nick is a recent graduate from San Francisco State University. During college founded a P2P software that connects drivers to driveway owners, winning best UX Design award.
Gemma Busoni
VR mentor & Admissions
Gemma is the founder of Discovr Labs, a VR company that builds educational VR applications and the systems to deploy them. She was a guest of honor to the White House in 2016, bringing VR to the White House.
Toni Oloko
Business Development &
Public Speaking Mentor
After working at Atlas Ventures, Toni raised over $100k and started his own company, Practicegigs. It was later acquired in 2016, and Toni currently attends the Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania.
Kira Gobes
Staff & Admissions
Kira studies Computer Science, Engineering, Design, and Entrepreneurship at Lehigh University. She has worked with startups in Kenya and the Czech Republic. She recently released an app that promotes social inclusion.
Erik Martin
Game Design Mentor
After graduating from the University of Maryland a few years ago, he became chief policy advisor of science and technology at The White House. He's probably one of the youngest people to ever hold this position.
Amir Uqdah
Unity Development Mentor
Amir is a full stack developer, passionate about games. He's been involved in Hackathons and Startups since he was 14 years old. He's already a contractor for major companies, and has developed games on his own with users worldwide.
kaeya majmundar
Business Development &
Hardware Mentor
Kaeya is a serial-entrepreneur and product developer. She struck a deal with Lori Greiner on ABC's Shark Tank with her company, BZBox. She's also the founder of ZipTank and Ringlee, and has been featured in Forbes and other media.
Jonathan Ortheden
iOS Development Mentor
Awarded by Apple 2 times, threatened to be sued by Snapchat, and over 1 million downloads in his apps. He runs one of the best app developing agencies in Sweden.
Hunter Ashley
Staff & Admissions
Hunter commonly volunteers with college fundraising and in community volunteering. He is passionate about the climate and all the issues related to it.
Ning Shirakawa
Business Development Mentor
After graduating from MIT Sloan and consulting for KPMG, Ning founded Taktopia, one of Asia’s leading educational programs for aspiring young entrepreneurs.
Joseph Jeong
Business Development Mentor
After a successful career on Wall Street with firms like UBS and Deutsche Bank, Joseph now mentors and instructs at leading educational programs for youth worldwide, including Tsinghua’s X-labs, MIT’s Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, and Futurehack.
Chris Taylor
Startup Mentor
Innovator in the energy industry with an extensive network of scientists, technologists, investors and entrepreneurs from Boston to Silicon Valley.
Angela Qiu
Android Developer
Angela is a CS student at Carnegie Mellon University. She has worked as Android developer for Amazon's Audible in the Android Wear team, bringing the Audible experience to every smartwatch.
carolyn reckhow
Startup Mentor
Blockchain evangelist and 10+ years experience working with teens in summer programs across the globe.
PAST speakers
Catherine Feldman
Alex Iglecia
Raffaele Collela
Cannonball, MIT Sloan
Tania Green
PMS Bites
David France
Revolution of Hope
Chris Wolfel
Tom Zampini
Tim Buntel
Jason Shuman
Corigin Ventures
Cynthia Graber
Scientific American
Semyon Dukach
Sara Castellanos
Boston Business Journal
Dave Delmar
Paypal, Resilient Coders
Tim Rowe
Andy Miller
Constant Contact
Nicole Stata
Boston Seed
Cort Johnson
Atlas Ventures
Riley Ennis
Thiel Fellowship
Ashley Brooke
Adora Svitak

San Francisco, CA
For 4 weeks.

June 11th to July 6th, 2018
Consumer hardware, Apps, Service-based startups.


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