Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Leangap apart from other entrepreneurship programs?

Leangap is the most execution-based entrepreneurship program for high school students. Our classes rarely consist of boring lectures and/or lessons. Instead, we believe in guiding students through an execution-based curriculum that focuses on prototyping, programming, client-acquisition, fundraising, pitching, and other hard skills. Our classes are extremely small in size and our 4:1 staff/student ratio is unmatched among rival programs. This results in tailored attention to each carefully selected student, and an incredibly unique program modeled after a real life startup incubator. Leangap is a real life startup experience for qualifying high school students.

How are applicants selected for Leangap?

We use a variety of factors in our admissions process to determine a good fit between student candidates and our program. For more details, please visit our admissions page.

What does tuition cover?

Tuition covers accommodation, curriculum, classes & activities, and all transportation associated with the Leangap curriculum.

Meal plans are not included and can be purchased separately.

What is the difference between being a residential student and a commuter student?

Being a residential student means that you will live on campus with staff and other residential students. Commuter students must arrange for their own housing and commute to the program each morning.

What are the next steps after a student is accepted?

When you are accepted to Leangap, a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot must be made within 7 business days. You will then be sent a custom acceptance package in the mail and be added to our class page. Tuition and paperwork is due two weeks.

Where are Leangap students housed?

Our San Francisco program’s housing location will be disclosed when you are accepted into the next cohort. Past locations include San Francisco State University.

How does a general day look like?

Breakfast is available between 7:30 and 9:00 in the campus dining halls and our daily program activities start promptly at 9am. Our students generally have a morning schedule with a guest lecturer and a short course on entrepreneurship and startups. That is usually followed by an hour for the students to apply what they've learned to their own product, which they will be working on throughout the duration of the program.

The time after lunch is unscheduled so that students can work on their different products (sometimes students require equipment in different buildings or set up meetings with college professors). In the evenings and on weekends, we like to plan some team bonding activities or take the students off campus to explore either Boston, Cambridge, or San Francisco.

How does Leangap provide safety and supervision to the students?

Dormitories on campus all require an issued ID to enter the building and there is a security guard on duty 24/7. Any visiting guests (parents or friends not part of the program) are required to register at the front desk with proof of identification.

In addition to the building security, our staff also live in the dorms with the students. Our staff are assigned to small groups of 4 or 5 students to mentor and supervise. Any small group trips off campus to a restaurant, store, or college visit are always supervised by at least one staff member and formal program trips are supervised by all staff. The staff is personally available to the students every night to check them in for the day and enforce curfew. 

Our staff are there not only to provide supervision and technical insight to startups, but also to provide emotional and interpersonal support. In the past, we have found that the students will often come to rely on more than one staff member for different kinds of advice and will often include our staff in their activities as peers. These close relationships that our staff develop with the students have always helped us gain a better sense of the well-being and safety of our students.

The Head of Staff is always available to both students and parents to speak about any concerns that may arise during the program. All students and parents will be given the Head of Staff's contact information at the start of the program.

What happens to Leangap students after Leangap?

50% of our graduating alumni will continue their companies for at least six months after attending the program. Close to 100% of our graduating alumni attend college/university, and over half are accepted to at least one Ivy League university. Our alumni network is unparalleled in terms of engagement, with constant interaction and internship opportunities between different classes of Leangap alumni.

What other educational opportunities does Leangap provide?

Leangap provides sponsorships and entrepreneurship-based content to qualifying hackathons, schools, and other events sharing our mission. Please contact our team if you are planning an event, or would like Leangap to come to your school.

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San Francisco, CA
For 4 weeks.

June 24th to July 21st, 2019

Accommodation, curriculum, classes & activities, and all transportation associated with the curriculum.

$4,485 for commuters (no accomodation).

$5,385 early deadline tuition (10% off)

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